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Goods and services prohibited for publication

1. weapons, ammunition for it, military equipment, spare parts, accessories and devices for them; firearms and cold weapons, including hunting (including hunting knives), pneumatic, airsoft, paintball and other, as well as accessories for it, copies of collectible weapons, knives (except for kitchen knives, pen, stationery);
2. explosives, waste explosives, explosive devices;
3. toxic substances, means of protection against them and regulatory and technical documentation for their production and use;
4. all types of rocket fuel, special materials and equipment for their production, special equipment of personnel of paramilitary organizations and regulatory and technical products for their production and operation;
5. x-ray equipment, radioactive substances, waste of radioactive materials, devices and equipment using radioactive substances and isotopes, uranium and other fissile materials and products thereof;
6. results of research and design work, as well as fundamental exploratory research on the creation of weapons and military equipment, encryption technology, and regulatory and technical documentation for its production and use;
7. narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, their precursors, mind-altering substances, poisons;
8. pornographic materials; services and/or work of an intimate/erotic/sexual nature;
9. counterfeit goods and stolen property;
10. materials violating the privacy of private life, infringing on the honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens and legal entities; materials containing state, banking, commercial secrets;


11. goods subject to mandatory certification, in the absence of certificates;

12. services/goods, if such activity is subject to licensing (special permits are required to engage in certain activities), in the absence of a license (special permit);
13. counterfeit banknotes;
14. foreign currency and other currency values, coins and banknotes of the Russian Federation in circulation (except for their purchase and sale for numismatic purposes).
15. state awards of the USSR and Russia, personal documents, as well as forms of these documents;
16. shares and other securities;
17. valid or valid state identity cards, badges, passes, permits, certificates and licenses; travel documents, other documents granting rights or exempting from rights/obligations;
18. completed theses and term papers, diplomas, certificates and other documents confirming the availability of education, training, skills
19. medicinal preparations, medicinal herbs, bioactive additives, including sports nutrition, isotonic drinks, weight loss products, vitamins, botox-preparations, medical devices for the use of which special training is required; medical equipment; medicinal raw materials obtained from reindeer husbandry (antlers and endocrine raw materials).
20. ethyl alcohol, alcoholic beverages and tobacco, smoking mixtures, hookahs, electronic cigarettes and their consumables;


21. human organs and tissues, donor services (I will donate/buy blood/sperm, etc.);

22. surrogate mothers' services (search and offer);
23. precious metals, waste containing precious and rare earth metals; walrus tusks, elephant and mammoth tusks, precious stones are not in the product;
24. animals and birds listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the Red Books of the subjects of the Russian Federation, as well as animals and plants protected by international treaties of the Russian Federation;
25. fishing nets, electric fishing rods, traps, materials for their manufacture, as well as services for their manufacture;
26. extremist materials, materials calling for mass riots, terrorist activities and extremist activities, participation in mass public events, incitement of ethnic and religious hatred, objects with Nazi symbols.
27. spam databases; databases containing confidential information (for example: real estate, databases of E-mail addresses, phone numbers, registration addresses, etc.);
28. documents for vehicles, state numbers for vehicles;
29. services for the replacement of licensed software or disruption of the technical protection of phones, smartphones, laptops, navigators, personal computers, etc. installed by the copyright holder (including firmware, unlock, jailbreak, etc.);
30. email accounts, social networks, blogs and forums, instant messaging systems, games, as well as other resources and services;

31. collection and anti-collection services;
32. transcendental services, the purpose of which is to cause any damage (witchcraft, spoilage, love spell);
33. other goods/services that contradict the current legislation of the Russian Federation and are regarded by the current legislation of the Russian Federation as withdrawn from circulation or restricted in circulation;
34. it is prohibited to place ads containing calls for violence and illegal actions; prostitution; discrimination on national, racial, religious, sexual and other grounds; profanity; offensive statements, including racist and religious ones; fraud and extortion.

The owner reserves the right to supplement and change the list of prohibited goods/services.

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